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Philosophy in Practice: David Serio

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Dialogue with Dave Serio

October 18, 2023

TIC Practice Tips:

  • Let principles guide your entire practice culture
  • Use the 33 principles as a roadmap for excellence
  • Educate patients on innate intelligence
  • Create simple metaphors to explain philosophy
  • Use multimedia for repetition
  • Host interactive events to share value
  • Stay true to timeless wisdom
  • Apply principles to overcome challenges
  • Share an empowering context
  • Consistent philosophy brings long-term results

More about David Serio

Dr. David Serio is an internationally renowned chiropractor, author, and mentor based in Buenos Aires. With over two decades of experience, he founded Vida Chiropractic Worldwide which now has 48 team members across 5 countries. Known for his bestselling book “33,” Dr. Serio also teaches seminars worldwide and mentors dozens of chiropractors monthly. His expertise encompasses clinical excellence, practice success, and personal growth. Grounded in chiropractic’s core philosophy, Dr. Serio is passionate about unleashing the profession’s limitless potential to empower lives. To work with him or learn more, visit his website at