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Dialogue with D.D. Humber: Part 4

September 12, 2023

Gain insights into the unique philosophy and vision behind Life University in this exclusive discussion with co-founder Dr. D.D. Humber. Learn about Life’s early focus on Innate Intelligence, Sid Williams’ concepts of personal development, and how the school combined Palmer principles with metaphysical concepts. Dr. Humber also shares his perspectives on the identity crisis in chiropractic, the need to better educate the public, and bringing together the conservative element of the profession.

Key Points:

  • Life’s focus on Innate Intelligence and being an “innate directed” person
  • Incorporating Palmer principles and self-development concepts
  • Dr. Sid Williams’ vision of “spinal hygiene” for public health
  • Concerns about the lack of identity and consistency in chiropractic
  • Perspectives on challenges with chiropractic education and accreditation
  • The need to better educate the public on chiropractic’s vitalistic approach
  • Bringing together the conservative wing of the profession on philosophy and patient care