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Dialogue with D.D. Humber: Part 2

September 12, 2023

Gain fascinating insights into the early days of Dynamic Essentials (DE) from co-founder Dr. D.D. Humber. Learn what motivated Dr. Sid Williams to start DE in 1964, stories from the first seminal DE seminar, and how the organization rapidly grew from just a few to over 1,500 attendees. Dr. Humber also shares rich stories about Dr. Sid Williams’ practice and promotion, splitting from Parker, providing free x-rays, and more.

Key Points:

  • Funny story of Dr. Sid Williams worried about low attendance at the first DE seminar
  • Stories of Dr. Sid Williams mailing 700,000 brochures and providing free x-rays
  • Insights into DE’s focus on principles, practice methods, and Innate consciousness
  • How DE filled a need for chiropractors to support each other against negativity
  • Dr. Sid Williams splitting from Parker over the ACA/ICA merger
  • Amazing stories of Sid Williams’ promotion and practice success before DE