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Dialogue with D.D. Humber: Part 1

September 12, 2023

Travel back to the early 1950s as Dr. D.D. Humber shares his fascinating memories as a student at Palmer College under the great B.J. Palmer. Gain insights into B.J.’s lectures, personality, campus life, and more during this remarkable era. Dr. Humber also discusses the many renowned chiropractors who graduated alongside him and how B.J. inspired them.

Key Points:

  • Attending B.J. Palmer’s 8am lectures at the chiropractic fountainhead
  • B.J.’s showmanship, locking the doors right at 8am sharp
  • The atmosphere in the clinic lecture hall surrounded by B.J.’s knife collection
  • B.J.’s focus on innate intelligence and positive thinking
  • How B.J. managed the school while also building a broadcasting empire
  • Stories of B.J.’s Little Bit of Heaven on campus with artifacts from his world travels
  • The impressive group of 1950s Palmer graduates who became chiropractic leaders
  • How an atlas adjustment on Sid Williams directed him into the profession
  • Perspectives on how chiropractic care transformed lives in the early days