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Part 6 – Roots of Chiropractic: Locke, Berkeley and Hume

December 17, 2023

Get an in-depth look at the philosophical underpinnings of science and medicine leading up to DD Palmer’s time. Discover how radical empiricists like Locke, Berkeley, and Hume questioned the nature of reality and meaning. See how their ideas opened the door for Palmer’s approach to vitalism, spirituality, and healing. Gain key insights into the differentiation and disassociation of key domains of knowledge during the Enlightenment period to better grasp Palmer’s philosophy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand Locke’s tabula rasa concept and its influence on seeing the body as a mechanism
  • Recognize Berkeley’s radical idealism and how it underlies the philosophy of Innate Intelligence
  • Appreciate Hume’s skepticism and how it relates to Palmer’s critical stance towards materialistic science
  • Contextualize the Enlightenment’s elevation of reason, science and individualism
  • See how these strands led to the divergence of science, spirituality and health