I wrote about my chiropractic legacy on my birthday last year. In that post, I reviewed the latest courses, TIC, some background about my previous writings, and an overview of my latest insights. I did not include the publications that were in the works or the newest research. It is amazing how a legacy can be multiplied in just one year!

This year truly marks a transformation for the chiropractic profession. I don’t say this lightly. The new book I just published with Timothy Faulkner and Joseph Foley is groundbreaking. It is the first time the profession might collectively understand The Palmer Chiropractic Green Books. So much is written about these books that is either derogatory or laudatory. Rarely do we get a dispassionate examination of the books. What is in them? Why are they still relevant to practicing chiropractors? What is the point of reading them? The book is a legacy. 

As a tribute to this legacy, we are offering a limited coupon code for 20% off for the entire store. It is good until Feb 8, 2019. (We usually only offer coupons for TIC Members and select events. Legacy is a good reason to offer one!) Just type in: legacy 

Also, in last year’s post, I did not mention the TEN new papers. We are now weeks away from publication. I am pleased to announce that they are coming soon. The papers will be published in the Journal of Chiropractic Humanities. They are in the final stage of layout and design. The topic is The Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxation from 1897-1997. I will do a series of blog posts about these papers and the courses they will inspire in the coming weeks.

Finally, the latest research is really powerful. Last year I started my PhD studies at the School of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University. As I develop this research, I post regular lectures for TIC Members. It is a fascinating project and will surely impact the chiropractic profession (and other professions) for decades to come. I am forever thankful to the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation for the opportunity. 

As this 48th year of my life unfolds, I look forward to the many ways my legacy in the chiropractic profession will continue. I already have plans to present a keynote address and a workshop at BCC Lyceum and a 12-hour seminar in Paris. Two new sets of online lectures are being developed. I am open to where this goes next!

Thank you for your continued support whether you are a reader, a TIC Member, a student, or a colleague (or all of these).

May your year be bright,


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