Institute Chiro Wiki

The mission of The Institute Chiropractic is to preserve and forward the chiropractic paradigm. The Institute Chiro Wiki is a new project designed to do just that.

The Institute Chiro Wiki was developed for several reasons. 

Wikipedia Bias Against Chiropractic

Wikipedia refuses to offer a balanced viewpoint on chiropractic. Instead, the Wikipedia entries are slanted against chiropractic. This unfortunate bias of the Wikipedia staff has led to multiple refusals to update incorrect historical statements. It also does not offer the public an accurate portrayal of chiropractic theory, research, or history.

Institute Chiro Wiki Categories

The Institute Chiro Wiki will grow slowly, over several years. Entries will be developed by Members of The Institute Chiropractic in three broad categories: Literature, Definitions, and Schools of Thought. It is hoped that this approach will not only offer an honest view of chiropractic for the public but also a critical look at the literature for the profession.

There is no systematic way for chiropractors to be introduced to their own literature. One goal of this wiki is to critically analyze seminal papers and books so that the profession may build upon the literature in productive ways.

Adding to Institute Chiro Wiki

TIC Members may offer suggestions or articles on the TIC Member’s forum, which may be found here: Forum.

If you are not a member and you have a suggestion, please send an email for consideration. If your idea or entry is considered, it will be posted in the Member’s forum for discussion, revision, and approval.

The first wiki entry is live: Legally Defensible

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