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I am pleased to share this audio of Dr. Marshall Himes on Chiropractic. This speech was given around 1960 and relates directly to the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic. Himes was director of the technique department at Palmer College from 1953-1961. By 1955, he helped to transform the program and gave the classic “green light speech” in 1956. The speech described the change in PSC policy – students were now allowed to practice full spine in the clinic. In this audio, he reads excerpts of the speech and develops a context. Part two of the talk will be posted one day soon (please click the arrow above to join the email list and receive updates).

Himes accompanied this lecture with three articles in the ICA Review. The articles were published in 1960:

To learn more about the context of the speech, please read the article on the history of technique at Palmer by Roger Hynes and Alana Callendar.

Himes has been featured on this site for some time as one of the thought-leaders of chiropractic’s first generation. His work after he left Palmer and became a dean at CMCC involved his co-authorship of the classic book, Segmental Neuropathy (published exclusively on this website as part of the Chiropractic Clear Light Books series).

I recently found two other writings by Dr. Himes from 1968. These classic works are still inspiring 46 years later!

* Thanks to ICA, Journal of Chiropractic Humanities, and Chiropractic Economics for allowing posting of the articles.


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