Our Real Enemy (1952)

Lyle Sherman, DC, PhC

In the BJ Palmer Clinic most of our patients have been referred to us by other patients and chiropractors in field… patients they want us to have because they are easy and we appreciate an easy case once in a while. We have a talk with them every week we try to get the group together. We go over with them step by step…

I can’t dx my schooling hasn’t been along that particular line.

I said, No I can’t do that. All of our time is concentrated on finding cause rather than the effects.

There is one way in which we can be sure – post mortem.

She had been walking after about 6 months.

We tried to explain to the patient that the basis of chiropractic acceptance of a case is if there does exist interference that is preventing innate from getting to the body, that the chiropractor has two things he must know, 1. If there is an interference if there is somewhere in the NS a block that is preventing this innate from being expressed in tissue. 2. We must know what is causing this interference.

If he believes he can reduce that interference then 2 things –

  1. The amount of permanent damage that does exist (we can’t always decide or determine).
  2. The patience compliance.

We want to read him daily. Not that we want to adjust him daily.

The NCG gives us somewhat of a log of how the patient is progressing.

We don’t expect him to be well tomorrow or the next day. We don’t expect to adjust him every time if there is no interference. We first establish an interference. There must be interference if he is sick.

We check him every day for 6 months. NCG to determine how the “pressure pattern” is developing.

We like to have two or three (can do it with one). Some days more pressure than other days. There are transitory pressures we may confuse form one day (if it is a chronic case).

Once we have established an interference and make the adjustment we don’t expect of course that the subluxlation will always remain.

The pressure may return.

We don’t always adjust immediately when it returns.

We don’t get them well.

We unlock a position of the vertebra causing pressure upon nerves.

We don’t have a right to go in again and adjust unless we determine that it is again locked out of place. It may take days, weeks, maybe months for the muscles to tone up to the point where they hold the vertebra. Where it should be.

We tell him that we do very little. That innate does the correction.

We just watch.


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