Personal “Thots”: Who Moves the Bowel?

Fred Barge, DC, PhC

In the final analysis, the nervous system is responsible for all of the movements in the human body. In more ways than one, it motivates all of those who animate this planet.

No drug can elicit a response in a dead body, and it is important for us to understand this fact.

A laxative does not move the bowels; the bowels move the laxative, because they want it out of the body. No amount of laxative forced into the gut of a cadaver will evacuate its bowels. Life force must apply its forces to initiate a response to any drug.

And, yet, there are those chiropractors who would want us to evacuate from our profession the life force concept, the Innate concept of chiropractic. They seek to give our profession a colonic irrigation, so to speak. They seek to purge from us the “God in Man Principle.” They say it’s a “culf’ and “the cult must go.”

To this, B.J. Palmer said, ‘We don’t regard it a disgrace to call chiropractic philosophy a ‘cult.’ On the reverse, to acknowledge the Innate within us, is an honorable acknowledgment.”

I agree, B.J. To acknowledge the “life force” within is an “honorable acknowledgment.”

It is hard for me to understand that, today, when a renaissance in thinking in respect to health and healing is taking place, there are still those amongst us so mechanistically inclined to think that our vitalistic and metaphysical concepts are a hindrance to chiropractic progress.

Just the opposite is true. These principles stand out clearly as the leading concepts in the avant-garde movement of the Westem World that is turning away from the therapeutic drug and surgery model of this century’s medicine.

Countless medical authors and healers are espousing our philosophy today. Need I mention names such as Drs. Deepak Chopra, Dean Black, Andrew Weil, C. Nonnan Shealy, Bemie Siegel, Lasckow, Borsenko, Jaffe and more?

Come on, fellow chiropractors! It is time to call up our philosophical roots and allow them to bask in the warm rays of the new enlightenment found today.

As medical anthropologist Dr. R.A. Morinis has stated, we should: “Re-examine the place of philosophy in practice. “Chiropractic theory has become a secret doctrine. It is something leamed, respected, and revered, but little practiced. The social pressure from medicine has brought technique to the forefront, and philosophy has slipped back as a result. There are two main implications of the demise of chiropractic philosophy. The first is the disappearance of that which is distinctively chiropractic. Having already begun to lose the exclusive practice of spinal manipulation to allopaths and physiotherapists, only the chiropractic philosophy significantly distinguishes the chiropractic practitioner. And yet the philosophy is kept hidden away.

“In response to social threats to its existence, chiropractic has accepted the materialist world view of the allopaths. It has done so in fear of being labeled quacl<ery and this was undoubtedly a good strategy to follow at one time.

“The public knows next to nothing of chiropractic philosophy of healing and its mechanisms: If hospitals offer spinal manipulation, a chiropractor offers nothing else. This distortion of the chiropractic tradition can only be overcome by a re-evaluation of the place of theory in chlropractic … Dispossessed of its philosophy, chiropractic is dispossessed of its uniqueness, and perhaps its future.”

I heartily agree with Morinis. It is time to call up our philosophical roots. No longer need we be ashamed of our advanced thinking. Why should we allow others, such as the aforementioned medical authors, to bring forth as new what is actually old to us?

Chiropractic’s two distinct triunes are increasingly becoming conceptualized by the vast majority of the advanced people on this planet today. In the collective consciousness of the educated world, the great truths espoused in all of the world’s major religions that speak of a supreme force in life are certainly acknowledged.

The Innate Healing Force

Our naming of this primordial source of all as “Universal Intelligence” transcends the barriers of religious prejudice. It speaks well to the depth of our understanding of life and explains that we revere that from which all life has sprung.

Our concept of Innate Is openly accepted by modem man, and for those among us who still can’t grasp the concept, let them use the term nature instead, but Innate today is common in usage.

To emphasize what I mean, let me quote Dr. Andrew Weil, the well recognized contemporary medical author, who stated in his book Health and Healing, in a section titled “The Body Has Innate Healing Abilities:”

“Healing comes from inside, not outside. It is simply the body’s natural attempt to restore equilibrium when equilibrium is lost. Healing cannot be prevented from occurring (though it can be obstructed in its expression), nor can it be obtained from anyone or anything external. You are bam with the power to heal because healing is an innate capacity of every person, as it is of every animal and plant, and I suspect, of every created thing. Listen to sick people and you will hear much talk of seeking cures, healers, and healing. Medicines and medicine men can sometimes catalyze a healing response or remove obstructions to it, but they never give you what you do not already have. The power to heal is your property and birthright, ready to go to work whenever changing conditions create a demand for it.”

Have we, as chiropractors, ever said it better? Yes, the concepts of Innate Intelligence are well accepted today. What about #3 in the chiropractic triune of intelligences, “Educated Intelligence”? Would anybody deny this unique attribute of the mind, particularly its advanced development in us Homo Sapiens? No, “enuf” said on that subject.

Now, I have just spoken about the Chiropractic Triune- Universal, Innate, and Educated Intelligence- but what about our other triune, the “Triune of Life,” as taught in Stephenson’s 1927 Chiropractic Text Book, and later articulated in particularly fine form by Dr. Reginald Gold in Intelligence, Matter, Force?

Egads, my friends, consider the “Mind” (Intelligence), “Body” (Matter), and “Spirit” (Force). Must I elaborate any more? These concepts are headlined by the majority of leading contemporary authors on health today.

The Intelligence of the human body (Innate), motivates the body (matter), in all of its physiological functions through the “force” that flows through the nervous system (who would deny that today?).

The link between intelligence and matter is life force, the “elan vital,” “GREAT SPIRIT.” Call it what you like. It is there!

It is this force, Innate, that we chiropractors work with, as we release impediments to its expression caused by the neuroforaminal encroachment factors inherent in all vertebral subluxations.

Need I say more? ‘Who moves the bowels?” Innate does!

Enuf said.


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