Marshall Himes, DC, PhC

Marshall Himes, DC, PhC, FICA, FICC, graduated from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1931, the year B.J. Palmer taught most classes. Both of his parents were 1910 graduates, the year Himes was born in Chicago.

Himes joined the faculty of PSC in 1947. He completed his PhC for developing a course in visualization in 1950. In 1953, he was named head of the Technique Department and in 1958 director of Student Clinics. From 1959 to 1961, he was director of all Palmer clinics.

In 1962, Himes became dean of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College whereupon he re-hired RJ Watkins and eventually Andy Peterson. The three were the primary authors of Segmental Neuropathy. Himes was the philosophy editor of the text.

Himes’ Writings on Philosophy


The longer one honestly studies the Chiropractic Philosophy, the greater its richness and completeness becomes. Just as scholars have spent lives studying the ancients, so will scholars of the present and future study the immensity of what Chiropractic has to offer. We, in our own peculiar and individual way, study it, learn part of it, and apply in our daily lives, that bit which we seem to be able to use. In ancient Greece, one of the early admonitions of a teacher to his students was “Know Thyself,” and it has often been said, “Know thyself, and thou shalt know God.” Just what do we know of ourselves’ the vast potential that we are pleased to call “Innate?” Very little, I fear, but i can be commended to you as a satisfying study. You will be well rewarded.

If I were to review Chiropractic for Chiropractors, I would recommend a sequential chain of statements and discussions which are outstanding in their implications regarding the ultimate in our philosophy. Many of these points require much discussion, so just the high spots will have to suffice. Begin with the Major Premise, the presence of and recognition of Universal Intelligence. Is your attitude here one of casual acceptance, a taken for granted type of thing? Or is it a feeling of reality? Do you make of Universal a living part of your thinking, without which nothing is possible?

Do so in this way; continue to ask Innate who has a perfect contact, to bring your educated mind into greater at-one-one with Universal. Affirmation is the easiest way to begin this step, and was first advocated by the Great Teacher when He said, “I and my Father are one; He is in me and I am in Him.” Repeat, repeat, and repeat. Before long, you will begin to have a sure knowledge that you are operating on an entirely different level than you were, and that all the powerful forces of the universe are at work on your side, coming through Innate Intelligence.

Limitations of Matter

As you know, intelligence creates force. Therefore, it behooves us to understand the character of both Universal forces and Innate forces. A master cycle has been provided by which the materials of our world replenish themselves. It is composed of many lesser cycles, all of which are necessary, but fundamentally, the forces of Universal are to reduce structural matter to its elemental form, while the forces of Innate are to maintain the material of a living thing in a state of active organization. Thus, we see that only the limitations of matter are preventing eternal physical life. The limitations of matter were established by Universal at the time of conception, and cannot be overcome by Innate.

Mission, Function

All of which brings us to a comparison of the next two points; the mission of Innate Intelligence and the function of Innate Intelligence. The mission is her only job; to maintain the material of a body in a state of active organization. Her function is to adapt. This is her only function; namely, to adapt Universal forces and matter for coordinated activity and use. Look at it this way; Universal forces destroy structural matter. they are always ready to take over when the controls of Innate are relaxed, either by interference with transmission of mental impulse supply or by limitation of matter.

Innate forces, on the contrary, always are constructive by the use of the laws of adaptation. This, then, brings us to the final definition of the function of Innate. It is called Intellectual Adaptation. Know it well. It is another step in the formula for “Know Thyself.”

The above is the “springboard” for the final point in this discussion: the cause of dis-ease, and how the cause causes dis-ease. This one point and this point alone makes the difference between Chiropractic and all other healing sciences. The cause of dis-ease is interference with transmission of mental impulses, and is represented by the subluxation. Interference causes dis-ease by reducing Innate’s ability to produce adaptation in the tissue cell. If all of our tissue cells could adapt at all times to all environmental conditions, we would never suffer the invasions, so-called, of dis-ease. All that Chiropractic is hinges on this one point, and in it is contained enough material to keep us studying ourselves for many years.

Himes wrote,

“The Philosophy of Chiropractic is a living, working Philosophy of life. If mankind can be brought to the realization of the Innate within him and all that it implies, all problems of the educated or conscious mind will be solved and we will not only have unity in Chiropractic, but we will have unity among all the thinking people of the world.”


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