Harry Vedder, DC

Harry Vedder wrote Chiropractic Physiology (1922), Chiropractic Gynecology (1923), and Chiropractic Advertising (1924). Both physiology books are filled with references to and examples of Innate Intelligence in action. This is very important because there were no other physiology books of that time period describing the inside view of the organism, especially with a perspective that the living system is intelligent and self-organizing.

Vedder should be considered one of the leading theoretical biologists of the early 20th century. Even more philosophically interesting in some ways, was Vedder’s inclusion of references to Universal Intelligence in his physiology text. Vedder also included references to Universal Intelligence in his physiology text and 357 uses of the term Innate.

Vedder wrote a series of pamphlets in the early 1920s. Some of the titles were disease tracts like, Chiropractic for Colds, Chiropractic for Adenoids, Chiropractic for Neuritis, Kidney Trouble, Chiropractic for Stomach Trouble, and Locomotor Ataxia.

Vedder’s book is available on google ebooks: Chiropractic Physiology (Vol 8 )

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