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B.J. Palmer’s epigrams were sorted and organized by topic in Success, Health, and Happiness.


Our endeavor in making idle, non-productive space work, was to explain the secrets and mysteries of how to get sick well; the same as it is our endeavor to make blank, bare walls of our buildings work, with epigrams which speak a language of action and a philosophy of life. Heretofore, medical doctors used big Latin terms rattled off to keep patients in ignorance. Not so with us. We use simple, plain, every-day language which all easily understand. We find no need to cover incompetencies with ignorance of confused language. We do not remain silent sphinxes, ashamed or afraid to talk frankly, openly, honestly to our clientele. We speak truth when we say that when Chiropractors refer problem, unsolvable cases to this clinic, we return them to Chiropractors the greatest boosters and business-getters they have ever had. Why? Because we honestly educate them to honest Chiropractic, honestly told and delivered.

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