Alva Gregory, MD, DC

Alva Gregory was a medical doctor searching for drugless methods of healing. He earned his chiropractic degree from Willard Carver in 1907, in Oklahoma City. Soon after, D.D. Palmer went into business with Gregory for three months. Unfortunately for D.D., he signed corporate papers. D.D. Palmer left the partnership after three months because Gregory was teaching medical concepts. Gregory wanted to integrate chiropractic practice into medicine. Even though D.D. left the school and eventually moved to Oklahoma, Gregory kept the Palmer name on the school. D.D. wrote,

“If Dr. D.D. Palmer’s connection with the Gregory School as a teacher for nine weeks is of such importance as to justify the continuance of advertising “Palmer-Gregory Chiropractic College,” how much more is it worth to you as a student to be under the personal instruction of D. D. Palmer for nine months? During that nine weeks much of my Chiropractic teaching was sidetracked, owing to the teaching of medical ideas which were not Chiropractic.”

Keating’s chronology of Gregory demonstrates that the Palmer-Gregory Chiropractic College was still on the corporate charter well into the 1940s, when Gregory’s widow changed the name to The Palmer Gregory Chiropractic College and School of Physio Therapy. D.D. Palmer disaproved of the inclusion of any therapies with chiropractic.

Gregory’s Medical Chiropractic Paradigm

Gregory pioneered the Medical Chiropractic paradigm. This paradigm was articulated in a recent paper on Chiropractic and Systems Science. Basically, the Medical Chiropractic Paradigm is an attempt to integrate the Chiropractic Paradigm with Biomedicine. 

Gregory and his student Riley led efforts to medicalize chiropractic.

Gregory’s Rational Therapy included various practices along with the manipulation of the spine such as: fasting, dieting, suggestion, elimination, Spondylotherapy, rectal dilation, and physical culture.


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