Chiropractic Winter


The Philosophy of Chiropractic is ready for Spring

Learn how chiropractic’s politics might be unified through philosophy. This excerpt from Dr. Senzon’s online course on Chiropractic Principles opens up the door way to start viewing chiropractic in a new way.

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Here is a classic photo from the video above

B.J. Palmer and D.D. Palmer, the originators of the philosophy of chiropractic.

B.J. Palmer and D.D. Palmer, the originators of the philosophy of chiropractic.


  1. Scott Schwager, D. C.

    Just curious, any reason why New York Chiro College was not represented? Not that I blame you. I was up at the college last month, and the students have no clue about Chiropractic Philosophy, nor are they taught that performing an adjustment is a good thing. Let alone being taught to adjust at all. It is really pathetic!

  2. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for noticing that. It was just an oversight.
    It is time that students in all schools were taught the philosophy as a discipline.
    I think this approach is key. So many of us have learned the philosophy based on what our school or our teachers emphasized.
    So much has been lost! For example, Jim Drain (class of PSC 1912, president of TCC until 1958) wrote Chiropractic Thoughts in 1927 and Man Tomorrow in 1949. There are great books. Who today has read them? If we broaden our understanding about what has actually been written down, we might be able to bridge some divides in a new way!
    Thanks for the thoughts.

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