Chiropractic Generations and Waves

It has been quite some time since I have taken the show on the road. Next week will definitely make up for it.
Sunday, June 1st, I will teach an eight hour course at Life West! The topic is the new Gen/Wave model I developed. The model has really been in development for about 15 years. I am excited to share how the pieces have come together so that participants can gain new insights about the philosophy and have new tools in practice and life.

Below is one of the animations I am working on for the presentation.

The days before my eight hour course, I gather at CIIS for the first annual Society for Consciousness Studies conference. I am excited to spend time with scholars who focus on the exploration of consciousness as an interior. What a blessing to be a part of that!

Monday, June 2nd, I am off to Seattle to talk with some wonderful chiropractors. The Chiropractic Philosophy Forum meets at the SeaTac Double Tree. For info please call: 425-251-5715.

Wednesday, June 4th, off to Los Angeles with Billy D and the Dead Chiropractor’s Society. That will be a night to remember. Come early and stay late!
Thursday, I may have the historic privilege to teach some students on the LACC campus. Stay tuned.

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