B.J. Palmer’s Research Pamphlets

Writing about the Green Books has led to several new insights. In this clip of my latest WeeklyTIC for Members of The Institute Chiropractic, I talk about one of those insights. 

By studying the B.J. Palmer’s pamphlets from the 1920s and 1930s, it is possible to learn about how he and his staff developed the upper cervical method of chiropractic. These pamphlets were the references for his Vol. 18, The Subluxation Specific – Adjustment Specific.

At Lyceum every year, B.J. Palmer explained the latest research findings. This included the survey from 1918, where they determined that only 35% of patients in the field were “getting well.” It also included the first spinal thermography research with the Neurocalometer. Later talks, included the introduction of the Hole In One approach, the Specific approach, the upper cervical approach, and the introduction of Torque. 

The upcoming book Palmer Chiropractic Green Books: A Definitive Collector’s Guide, includes chapters on ALL of the Green Books as well as a special chapter on B.J. Palmer’s research pamphlets. The book is amazing. The publication date will be announced soon.

The Palmer College Archives

Many of the pamphlets published by B.J. Palmer are now available thanks to the Palmer archives. Here are a few:

The Neurocalometer – An Address, 1924

The Hour Has Struck, 1924

The Neurocalometer Manual, 1926

The Hour Has Arrived, 1930

Reasons For My Faith, 1931

The Torqued Subluxation, The Torque Adjustment, 1933


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