Dr. Simon Senzon’s Lectures

Many of Simon Senzon’s lectures and talks from the last twenty years have been recorded. Most of these are now available to TIC Members. Several talks from the turn of the century were recently discovered. Those will be produced soon. A new series of lectures are being recorded and produced for TIC Members’ easy access.Twenty-six hours of CE credits are currently available from these lectures. More will be applied for in 2018.

2017       Fake History and Chiropractic Literature, Life Univ
2017       Developmental Perspectives & Chiropractic, NZCC
2017       Chiropractic Viewed through Four-Quadrants, NZCC
2017       The New Generation of Chiropractic Leaders, NZCC
2017       Stress Physiology and Vertebral Subluxation, TIClanta
2017       The Complete Chiropractor; RJ Watkins, Lyceum
2017       The Chiropractic Consciousness Paradigm, Yale University
2017       B.J. Palmer’s Subluxation Frequency and Periodicity, MACP
2017       Vibration Theory in Chiropractic, MACP
2017       A Four Quadrant View of Stephenson’s Model, Palmer Students
2017       Ralph Stephenson’s Chiropractic Fundamentals, NWCC
2017       The Life and Work of Ralph Stephenson, Sherman College
2017       Chiropractic and Network Spinal Analysis, Sherman College
2017       The Context for Universal Intelligence, Sherman College
2017       The Evolution of Function Theory in Chiropractic, CDF
2016       Speranskian Subluxation Theory, Sherman College
2016       A Brief History of Vertebral Subluxation, Life West
2016       Foundations of Network Spinal Analysis, Atlanta, GA
2016       The Real Life of D.D. Palmer, Berkshires Philosophy Event
2016       SRI as a Non-Specific Stimulus: RO of Neurodystrophic Processes
2015       A History of Vertebral Subluxation, NYCC Annual Convention
2015       The Subluxation Multiple – Keynote Address, IRAPS
2015       Chiropractic and Systems Science ANJC Annual Convention
2015       Eugene Taylor: An Appreciation, Yale
2015       Ratledge and Drain: Chiropractic Pioneers Sherman College Lyceum
2014       Gen/Wave Model: Chiropractic’s Four Gens & Eight Waves, AHC
2014       Chiropractic Instrumentation: Dale Lumb, Ph.D., w/Brian Lumb, AHC
2014       The Network Wave as a Central Pattern Generator, IRAPS
2014       The Eight Waves of Chiropractic Principles (8 hour course), Life West
2014       D.D. Palmer’s Philosophical Lineage Dead Chiropractors Society
2014       The Gen/Wave Model,The Philosophy Forum, Seattle, WA
2014       Perspective Taking Practices.Society for Consciousness Studies, CIIS
2013       Four Generations of Chiropractic Philosophers, NYCC
2013       Philosophy of Chiropractic & Higher Perspectives, New Beginnings
2013       A History of Chiropractic Ideas, Gonstead Meeting of the Minds
2013       Perspective Taking and SRI, SRI Symposium
2013       The Impact of the CCE: Philosophy and Science of Chiro, IRAPS
2013       Philosophy of Chiropractic (presentation), SCUHS
2012       D.D. Palmer’s Philosophical Lineage, IRAPS, Sherman College
2012       History of the Philosophy of Chiropractic (8 hours), Federacion Mex.
2012       The Future of Chiropractic: An Integral Perspective, Life West
2012       The History of the Council on Chiropractic Education
2011       The Life and Times of B.J. Palmer, The Masters Circle, Sarasota, FL
2011       Constructing a Philosophy of Chiropractic, K.R. Jones Forum
2011       Connective Tissue Matrix and SRI, SRI Symposium
2007-2010       Subtle Energy Systems, John F. Kennedy University, California
2010       Subtle Energies Research and Concepts for the Network Practitioner
2009       A History of NSA with Dan Lemberger, AHC, Cincinnati
2009       An Integral Approach to Chiropractic History, AHC, Cincinnati, Ohio
2008       Post-metaphysical Chiropractic Philosophy, IRAPS, Sherman College
2008       Exploring the Facilitated Subluxation, IRAPS, Sherman College
2008       Chiropractic, Energy Medicine and the Future of Healing, ACP
2008       Causation and Self-Organization in Chiropractic Philosophy, ACP
2004-2007       Integral Arts (full semester course), UNC at Asheville
2007       Biological Theories in the 20th Century and Chiro Philosophy, ACP
2007       Philosophy and History of Chiropractic, UCA, London
2007       Integral Theory and Reorganizational Healing, Como, Italy
2007       A New Vision for Chiropractic Philosophy, CAC, Toronto, Canada.
2007       Chiropractic Principles, Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania
2007       Chiropractic and the History of Philosophy, ACP, Sherman College
2006       Philosophy Prior to Chiropractic, ACP, Sherman College
2006       Chiropractic and Philosophy, New Beginnings, Eatontown, N.J.
2006       Chiropractic’s Secret History, New Beginnings, Eatontown, N.J.
2005       Five Levels of Consciousness in the Chiropractic Profession, IRAPS
2004       Network Spinal Analysis and Integral Theory: A five-hour course, CLI
2004       Subtle Energies and Chiropractic, IRAPS, Sherman College
2004       Wellness Outcomes, IRAPS, Sherman College
2004       The Individual and Contemporary World, UNC at Asheville
2001-2002       The Individual and Contemporary World, UNC at Asheville
2001       The Medieval World (full semester course), UNC at Asheville
2001       Philosophy and Systems Theory: A 5-hour training Sherman Faculty
2001       Innate and Educated Intelligence; Culture at the Crossroads, IRAPS
2001       A History of the Mental Impulse, AHC, San Jose, CA
2000       An Integral Approach to Unifying the Philosophy of Chiro, IRAPS
2000       The Theory of Chiropractic Pattern Analysis, IRAPS

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