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The TIC Mission

The Mission of The Institute Chiropractic is to preserve and forward the history of ideas in chiropractic. This mission is being enacted in multiple ways.

The primary way TIC achieves its mission is through memberships. Members get access to over one-hundred hours of audio and video content. The streaming talks are accessed through a private password protected online forum. Once logged in TIC Members choose from dozens of courses, archival talks by chiropractic leaders, dialogues and interviews between Simon Senzon and various thought leaders, rare books and documents, and a discussion forum. TIC Members also have access to a private Facebook page and Weekly TICS from Dr. Senzon exploring the latest ideas in chiropractic.

  • Other ways that TIC achieves its mission include:
    • Publishing leading texts on the history and theory of chiropractic
    • Publishing peer-reviewed articles on the history of ideas in chiropractic from an Integral perspective
    • Publishing blog posts on chiropractic ideas
    • Developing TIC Histories as a way to teach the history of chiropractic ideas to the profession
    • Lecturing to various chiropractic groups and schools throughout the world (In 2017 Dr. Senzon gave 20 talks on different topics and recorded them all for TIC Members)
    • Preserving chiropractic ideas by assisting chiropractic college archives and digitizing classic publications and videos
    • Preserving chiropractic historical timelines by recording dialogues with Second and Third Generation chiropractors and documenting the development of ideas and theories
    • Teaching in classrooms at Chiropractic Colleges (mostly through virtual lectures and TIC Memberships to classes)
  • There are many more ways that TIC will support the chiropractic profession into the future. Please become a member today.

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