The First Wave of Chiropractic Ideas 1897-1907

The first wave of ideas in chiropractic started in 1897 with the publication of D.D. Palmer’s chiropractic writings and ends in 1907 with the publication of B.J. Palmer’s first book. The chiropractors of this wave launched the profession. The primary intellectual leaders besides the Palmers were OG Smith, Solon Langworthy, Shegetaro Morikubo, and A.P. Davis.

There are some excellent books and articles describing this period such as Gary Bovine’s article on the Bohemian thrust, Steve Troyanovich and Joe Keating’s article on early chiropractic legal battles,

Some of the most important articles on this time period were written by Rolf Peters and Mary Ann Chance such as their articles on the lost years and the lost years revisited, One of their most fascinating articles was about the types of cases early chiropractors managed. Their most significant article about this time period on the year that was 1907. It was part of their series on the early years, which formed the foundation of Rolf Peters’ impressive book.

Tim Faulkner’s The Chiropractor’s Protege offers an incredible look into the formation of the central theories of the first wave of chiropractic ideas.

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